The Style Spotlight: Jan Vincent Kleine

Style Spotlight is a new series dedicated to shedding some light on photographers who work tirelessly to put their own unique stamp on their images and make their work stand out. Work that makes us stop and reconsider the way we think about a genre. In this installment, we turn our gaze to the great outdoors to examine the work of one man who’s made a name for himself creating work that’s distinctly his own.

When looking at outdoor photography, rarely do you see people and nature juxtaposed together so strikingly as through the lens of Jan Vincent Kleine. The German-based sports and outdoor photographer spoke with us about what makes his style so uniquely his own: his background, inspiration, and process.

Jan Vincent Kleine, preferring to go by Vincent, knew photography would be part of his future since the age of 17. Originally setting out to be a war photographer, Vincent assisted commercial photographers to learn what he could onsite. By the time he finished his university studies, he knew his true calling and began his career as a full-time freelance photographer with a taste for the outdoors.




7 Yrs of Experience in Customer Relationship Management in Travel & Tourism. Worked as an Interpreter in the Indo-Norwegian Projects. As an Trek Organizer submitted Roopkund, Hampta Pass, Chandrashila, Pindari, Kedar Tal and Many More